56 Porsche Speedster

Turn Heads in this New 56 Porsche Speedster Custom Golf Cart!

Specifications / Customizations


  • New Golf Cart
  • Full factory warranty
  • Available in 2 seater (or 4 seater optional)
  • Licensed Porsche Speedster Badging
  • Custom Formed, Hand-Laid Fiberglass Front/Rear Body
  • PPG Painted Body and Canopy
  • Custom 14-inch Porsche Speedster Wheels
  • Matching Vinyl Upholstered Seats
  • Fold-down Windshield
  • Headlights, Taillights, Horn, Rear View Mirror
  • Golf Bag Attachment, Sweater Basket
  • Four 12v Deep Cycle Batteries and 48-V -Charger Headlights, Tail lights, Brakelights, Turn Signals, Emergency Flashers, Horn -Locking Front Trunk Fold-down Windshield -Golf Bag Attachment, Sweater Basket Interior Canopy Headliner
  • 19.5 MPH Top Speed (level ground)