2022 Trojan EV Seafoam Blue *AGM Maintenance Free Batteries*

2022 Electric Trojan EV  Seafoam Blue *Maintenance Free Batteries*
***Financing Available***

Specifications / Customizations

New Inventory Alert ? 2022 Trojan EV Seafoam Blue *AGM Maintenance Free Batteries*

-New ULTIMATE  LIGHT (App controlled color, pattern, and speed customization)
-17 # digit vin number available
-New DOT glass windshield
-New  14” wheels
-New  22” tires
-New turn signal
-New brake lights
-New hazard lights
-New horn
-New brush guard
-New keyless push start button
-New AGM maintenance free batteries ?
-New custom Steering Wheel- Carbon Fiber
-New safety seatbelts for all passengers
-New License plate holder and light
-New full Aluminum frame
-New digital display screen display miles & speed
-New Marine Audio sound system Bluetooth
-New backup camera ?
-New usb charging ports
-New center safety mirror
-New side mirror with turn signal lights
-New custom upgrade seats ?
-New onboard  smart charger
-New Trojan Ev Rear flip backseat with cooler & storage under back seat cupholders
-New extended roof  with safety grab bar handles
-New safety grab bar
-New 5 kw Ac motor 6.7hp (best in class for hills )
-New 400 controller
-New volt battery meter
-New charging indicator

These are more than just street legal golf cars – they’re personal transportation that’s perfect for driving to the golf course, taking friends to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, going around any campus, or zipping to the gym for a workout.