2021 Electric Trojan EV White 6 Seater

2021 Electric Trojan EV White 6 Seater
***Financing Available***

Specifications / Customizations

New Glass Dot windshield with automatic windshield wiper
New mirrors
New 14” wheels
New 23 tires
New turn signal
New brake lights
New hazard lights
New horn
New Batteries with one year warranty
New custom Steering Wheel- Carbon Fiber
New Trojan Ev Body Kit
New safety seatbelts for all passengers
New License plate holder and light
New 12 digital vin number
New full Aluminum frame
New digital display screen display miles & speed
New sound system Bluetooth
New Rearview Camera ?
New usb charging ports
New center safety mirror
New side mirror with turn signal lights
New two tone seats
New onboard  smart charger
New Trojan Ev Rear flip backseat with cooler & storage under back seat ? Cupholders
New extended roof  with safety grab bar handles
New safety grab bar
New 5 kw Ac motor 6.7hp (best in class for hills )
New 400 curtis controller
New volt battery meter
New charging indicator